Beccles is split into 4 wards, which are Common Parish Ward, Centre Parish Ward, Rigbourne Parish Ward and Darby Parish Ward.

The Common Parish covers the North of the town, while Rigbourne Parish the East, Darby the South and Centre, self explanatory really.


The most frequently asked question by people is ‘Which Ward am I in?’

The quickest way would be by Postal Code as follows:


NR34 9UD, 9NP, 9NS, 9ND, 9NA, 9UN, 9UQ, 9TA, 9TB, 9TF, 9TG, 9TQ, 9TE, 9TH, 9TJ, 9SE, 8HE, 9PZ, 9UA, 9ET, 9TD, 9HL, 9QS, 9QT, 9UL, 9UG, 9NR, 7BN, 9UB, 9NE, 9TT, 9TL, 9TR, 9TN, 9TW, 9RU, 9SS, 9RX, 9SH, 9SF, 9TZ, 9NH, 9BS, 9AQ, 9PA, 9JB, 9TP, 9PH, 9HD, 9HE, 9HG, 9HF, 9HA, 9QA, 9QF, 9QB, 9QD, 9LY, 9NL, 9JE, 9UH, 9UE, 9UF, 8PF, 9NJ, 9PP, 9PL, 9PW, 9PJ, 9PQ, 9PF, 9PE, 8LL, 9AN, 9AB, 9AD, 9AE, 9PB, 9NZ, 9NN, 9NY, 9SD, 9SA, 9JA, 9YH, 9YQ, 9YA, 9NQ, 9NG, 9QQ, 9SB, 9JD, 9UJ, 9QX, 9AJ, 9NU, 9NW, 9NT


NR34 9RS, 9BA, 9ED, 9DS, 9DP, 9BZ, 9RQ, 9RH, 9DL, 9DW, 9DN, 9EE, 9QZ, 9QR, 9QS, 9QT, 9BT, 9BB, 9BD, 9SJ, 9RL, 9RJ, 9QU, 9SP, 9QW, 9QP, 9QN, 9RB, 9QY, 9RF, 9RG, 9RD, 9RE, 9QY, 9SG, 9SH, 9RR, 9RP, 9DR, 7DE, 7DG, 9SN, 9RT, 9SL, 9BG, 9BQ, 9EQ, 9ER, 9AS, 9AU, 9AY, 9RW, 9AP, 9DZ, 9AP, 9DB, 7DQ, 9DT, 9EG, 9DQ, 9DA, 9BJ, 9EB, 9DJ, 9DU, 9DY, 9DZ, 9DX, 9EF, 9DH, 9EA, 9BE, 9DD, 9BF, 9DG, 9AZ, 9AE, 9AX, 9DE, 9QH, 9QJ, 9BY, 9RN, 9AR, 7DF, 7EJ


NR34 9EN, 9UP, 9YW, 9XD, 9XF, 9XE, 9XX, 9XH, 9XP, 9XN, 9XL, 9XG, 9YE, 9XY, 9YG, 9LQ, 9LG, 9LF, 9LH, 9YF, 9HY, 9XA, 9XB, 9XQ, 9YR, 9YT, 9YU, 9UR, 9XT, 9EP, 9UT, 9UX, 9YD, 9HN, 9XW, 9YB, 9UU, 9EH, 9YQ, 9YA, 9EW, 9UY, 9YN, 9XU, 8TP, 8TR, 9YS, 9UZ, 9HW


NR34 7BE, 9JN, 9JW, 9JP, 9JT, 9JN, 9JW, 9HT, 7BQ, 7BH, 7BJ, 7BH, 9JJ, 9LE, 7BG, 7BB, 7AZ, 7AY, 7AX, 9HX, 9LD, 7AA, 7AB, 7AE, 7AF, 7AG, 9HR, 9LS, 9LW, 9JS, 9JU, 7BD, 7AU, 9JY, 9LU, 9LP, 9LA, 9JZ, 9JF, 9JG, 9JQ, 9JH, 9HU, 9LB, 9PU, 9PX, 9PS, 9PT, 9JR, 9LT, 9LR


This should assist any new people moving into the area and also when voting regarding the location of the Polling Stations. Click here to view the list of councillors for each ward.