Temporary Plans to Redesign Beccles Town Centre

At its meeting on Tuesday evening, Beccles Town Council agreed in principle to two broad options for redesigning Beccles Town Centre.  This is to allow shops to reopen safely from 15 June and put in place measures to make spaces next to businesses safer and allow for the safe flow of pedestrians.

Mayor of Beccles, Councillor Ashley Lever, said ‘Beccles’ County and District councillors have worked hard together to produce two possible options for Beccles, which were presented to the council meeting on Tuesday evening.  These broad plans have now been submitted to Suffolk County Council (SCC), which has the responsibility for overseeing any changes to the highway.  SCC Officers will analyse the options and inform us of what will and won’t be possible within the plans.  The plans may then need to be altered based on the feedback received from SCC, businesses and the public.  These are temporary measures to allow more local businesses to reopen safely.   Beccles has narrow pavements and we need to ensure that shoppers have space to queue and eateries can employ outdoor seating whilst still allowing the public the space to move around the town safely and observe social distancing rules. The measures will be constantly monitored and altered if required. The Government is urging towns to be creative with their ideas in order to kick start the economy again and get people back into local shops and restaurants.  ’

The council has also agreed to set up a working party to agree the finer details of the plans.

Click here to view the two options.