Councillor List

Blyburgate 1955

Centre Ward:

Bubb, Stephanie

Harris, Jeffrey

Rainbird, Tony

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NR34 9UD, 9NP, 9NS, 9ND, 9NA, 9UN, 9UQ, 9TA, 9TB, 9TF, 9TG, 9TQ, 9TE, 9TH, 9TJ, 9SE, 8HE, 9PZ, 9UA, 9ET, 9TD, 9HL, 9QS, 9QT, 9UL, 9UG, 9NR, 7BN, 9UB, 9NE, 9TT, 9TL, 9TR, 9TN, 9TW, 9RU, 9SS, 9RX, 9SH, 9SF, 9TZ, 9NH, 9BS, 9AQ, 9PA, 9JB, 9TP, 9PH, 9HD, 9HE, 9HG, 9HF, 9HA, 9QA, 9QF, 9QB, 9QD, 9LY, 9NL, 9JE, 9UH, 9UE, 9UF, 8PF, 9NJ, 9PP, 9PL, 9PW, 9PJ, 9PQ, 9PF, 9PE, 8LL, 9AN, 9AB, 9AD, 9AE, 9PB, 9NZ, 9NN, 9NY, 9SD, 9SA, 9JA, 9YH, 9YQ, 9YA, 9NQ, 9NG, 9QQ, 9SB, 9JD, 9UJ, 9QX, 9AJ, 9NU, 9NW, 9NT

Common Ward:

Birrell, Gillian

Carr, Andrea Elizabeth

Chidley, Nathalie

Lever, Ashley

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NR34 9RS, 9BA, 9ED, 9DS, 9DP, 9BZ, 9RQ, 9RH, 9DL, 9DW, 9DN, 9EE, 9QZ, 9QR, 9QS, 9QT, 9BT, 9BB, 9BD, 9SJ, 9RL, 9RJ, 9QU, 9SP, 9QW, 9QP, 9QN, 9RB, 9QY, 9RF, 9RG, 9RD, 9RE, 9QY, 9SG, 9SH, 9RR, 9RP, 9DR, 7DE, 7DG, 9SN, 9RT, 9SL, 9BG, 9BQ, 9EQ, 9ER, 9AS, 9AU, 9AY, 9RW, 9AP, 9DZ, 9AP, 9DB, 7DQ, 9DT, 9EG, 9DQ, 9DA, 9BJ, 9EB, 9DJ, 9DU, 9DY, 9DZ, 9DX, 9EF, 9DH, 9EA, 9BE, 9DD, 9BF, 9DG, 9AZ, 9AE, 9AX, 9DE, 9QH, 9QJ, 9BY, 9RN, 9AR, 7DF, 7EJ

Rigbourne Ward:

Catchpole, Graham

Robinson, Jennie

Stubbings, Richard

Topping, Caroline

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NR34 7BE, 9JN, 9JW, 9JP, 9JT, 9JN, 9JW, 9HT, 7BQ, 7BH, 7BJ, 7BH, 9JJ, 9LE, 7BG, 7BB, 7AZ, 7AY, 7AX, 9HX, 9LD, 7AA, 7AB, 7AE, 7AF, 7AG, 9HR, 9LS, 9LW, 9JS, 9JU, 7BD, 7AU, 9JY, 9LU, 9LP, 9LA, 9JZ, 9JF, 9JG, 9JQ, 9JH, 9HU, 9LB, 9PU, 9PX, 9PS, 9PT, 9JR, 9LT, 9LR

Darby Ward:

Brooks, Norman

Walmsley, Jack Berry

Wheeler, Christine

Woodruff, Brian

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NR34 9EN, 9UP, 9YW, 9XD, 9XF, 9XE, 9XX, 9XH, 9XP, 9XN, 9XL, 9XG, 9YE, 9XY, 9YG, 9LQ, 9LG, 9LF, 9LH, 9YF, 9HY, 9XA, 9XB, 9XQ, 9YR, 9YT, 9YU, 9UR, 9XT, 9EP, 9UT, 9UX, 9YD, 9HN, 9XW, 9YB, 9UU, 9EH, 9YQ, 9YA, 9EW, 9UY, 9YN, 9XU, 8TP, 8TR, 9YS, 9UZ, 9HW