Council Services

The  services the council provides on this page are listed as follows for your information:

Allotments – Grit Bins – Hire of Council Rooms (form to download) – Grant Application (form to download) – Friday Market (form to download) – Beccles Marshes – Memorial Seating  – List of venues for Hire in Beccles  – List of dates for the flying of flags from the Beccles Bell Tower


June 13 2010 gardn and allotment 009


Beccles Town Council own the land on which are over 200 allotment plots for use by parishioners. If an allotment is required please contact the Town Hall to put your name on the waiting list.  A map showing the locations of Allotment Sites is below. The plots range from 5 rods (125 sq m) up to 20 rods, but generally 5-10 rods (rental is £11 and £22 per year respectively) are the normal maintainable sizes. The day to day running of the sites are carried out by the Beccles Allotments and Gardens Association (BAGA).   Invoices are sent out by the Council for the Allotment Rents on 1st January which should be paid by 14th February along with the Association fee.

June 13 2010 gardn and allotment 008         Allotment Map


The general running of the Allotments is carried out by the Beccles Allotments & Gardens Association.  A starting fee of £3 for the first year and then an annual fee of £2.  Site Representatives are usually on all of the larger sites and are also on the Association Committee.  The Secretary of the Association along with the Chairman, carry out the day to day work on behalf of the Council.



Beccles Town Council have a limited budget for the supply of grit bins for hazardous paths in Beccles.  After receiving a request for a licence from Beccles Town Council for the siting of a grit bin,  Suffolk County Council will fill them as necessary before the winter sets in.  There is a waiting list for the placing of grit bins, and if you feel you require one in your area, please apply to the Town Council including the details of  a nominated person who will be responsible for spreading  grit during the bad weather. Contact the Town Hall to be added to the waiting list and also include a diagram showing the most appropriate position for the bin.

HIRE OF COUNCIL ROOM – Council Chambers

You may not be aware, but you can hire rooms at the Council offices.  There is the main Council Chamber at the back of the building which can accommodate up to 45 people. It has a small kitchen with refreshment availability (urn/kettle), cups and saucers/mugs and spoons along with toilet/washing facility (this is not wheelchair friendly due to its size). There is also access for OHP or lap tops and a large flat screen is available for presentations (lap top required).  The cost of hiring this room is £10 per hour during April-October and £15 per hour during November-March (the higher cost is for heating).

There is also a smaller Committee Room at the front of the building which holds up to 10 people for smaller meetings. The use of the toilet and kitchen facilities are still available.  The cost of hiring is as for the Council Chamber.

Please call 01502 712109 during office hours if you wish to make a booking or require a booking form.  For meetings outside office hours a front door key will be provided during the day from a member of staff. A code is on both doors, and the combination will be given to you when picking up the key from the office.

Conditions of use are shown on the application below. For your information, all applications for the hiring of a room MUST be accompanied by an up-to-date copy of your Public Liability Insurance document.                                            

Application Form:          Town Hall Room Booking Form


Beccles Town Council normally budgets a sum of money each year providing financial support to organisations and individuals undertaking activities in the Parish of Beccles. Applications will only be considered from organisations who provide cultural, social activities or similar benefits for the town. The Committee meet three times each year in February, July and November. You can either download an application form as below or call into the Council offices at the Town Hall, The Walk, Beccles NR34 9AJ 01502 712109 Please note, each application must have a copy of an up-to-date set of accounts (if applicable).   To apply, please download the form:  Grant Application Form (Word Document)

New Market Pics 2013 001New Market Pics 2013 011


Beccles Friday Market operates from 6.00am until 4.00pm every Friday.  The Town Council is always looking for more traders to sell their products on their Friday Market, and if you feel you have something to offer in what you craft, bake or provide, then please download the registration form and send to Beccles Town Hall, The Walk, Beccles NR34 9AJ  or call 01502 712109 if you require further information.

Market Registration Pack:       Market Trader Pack

River Waveney, Beccles


The Council rent a number of grazing marshes to the parishioners which are located around the Common. There is currently a waiting list for these marshes, but if you contact the Town Hall your name will be added to this waiting list.

One of the Memorial Seats by the River


The Town Council have over 40 memorial seats in and around the town.  If you require a seat in memory of a loved one, then it must be paid for by the family, but once installed, the Town Council will take on its maintenance.  Please contact the Town Hall for information regarding memorial seating.


Dates and guidance for flag raising days can be seen here