Changes to Beccles Town Centre

A working party for the Town Centre Redesign, made up of representatives of Beccles Town Council, Beccles Councillors for County and District Councils and the Beccles Business and Tourism Association, has been set up to ensure that businesses can reopen safely and give the community the confidence to return to their local shops, following on from the rules imposed by the Government regarding social distancing due to COVID 19.

The working party has agreed the first phase of measures, due to be implemented by Monday 15 June 2020, as follows:-

  1. To close New Market from The Co-op round to Barclays Bank (two disabled parking spaces will be available in front of The Co-Op).
  2. To barrier off the on street car parking on The Walk alongside the shops, so that customers waiting to enter the shops can queue safely without obstructing the pavement.
  1. To suggest moving the Fish Van into the garden area off Exchange Square to avoid the queues for the banks and building society.
  1. To block off the narrow alley from Hungate car park between WH Smiths and QD Stores
  2. To obtain stencils, road marking paint and tape in order to signify suggested
    queue starting points and ensure that queues do not interfere with each other.
  3. To tape off the benches by the Kings Head.

Applications to implement these measures have been sent to both the District and County Councils, and we await their permission.  Letters have been delivered to businesses in the town.

Subsequent phases will be discussed with the community and businesses once these first phase measures are in place. It is our intention to monitor the effect and amend where needed.

Please forward any feedback or comments to, or send to Beccles Town Council, Town Hall, The Walk, Beccles  NR34 9AJ