Becoming a Councillor

How can I become a Councillor?


Picture 108Becoming a councillor gives residents the chance to represent the local community, deliver services to meet local needs and strive to improve the quality of life in the local area.  Unlike other tiers of local government, town and parish councils have many powers but few duties which means they can choose their activities according to local need.  By becoming a councillor you will gain more insights into your local community, have influence over local decisions and be in a position to help local people build a stronger identity and better future.  The next full election when all 16 town council seats will be up for election is in May 2023.

There are currently four casual vacancies for Town Councillors, and there will be By-Elections to fill these seats on THURSDAY 6TH MAY 2021.  The Nomination Papers for prospective candidates can be downloaded from the East Suffolk Council website at

To stand as a councillor you must meet the following criteria:

You must be 18 years of age. You must reside in the area you wish to stand


Own property or land within the area you wish to stand


Work in the area that you wish to stand


Live within 3 miles (as the crow flies!) of the Parish Ward.

Please follow this link for further information regarding town and parish councils.

Casual Vacancies

From time to time casual vacancies may arise on the town council and every four years all 16 seats are up for election .

If an election is called (10 electors must write to the Proper Officer at East Suffolk Council) after the advertising of a casual vacancy, Nomination Papers can be requested from the  Elections Picture 111Office at East Suffolk Council, Riverside, 4 Canning Road, Lowestoft, NR33 0EQ telephone 01502 523608 and these can be posted to you.

A nomination paper has to be signed by a proposer and a seconder and these people must be registered electors in the area for which you wish to stand.  Beccles is divided into electoral parish wards known as Beccles Centre, Beccles Darby, Beccles Common and Beccles Rigbourne.  Each area is treated as a separate election and each area has four seats, so when grouped together the 16 seats form the Beccles Town Council.  So depending on which area you chose this may be uncontested or contested.

If no election is called, the council is free to co-opt a councillor.



The most frequently asked question by people is ‘Which Ward am I in?’

The quickest way would be by Postal Code as follows:


NR34 9UD, 9NP, 9NA, 9UN, 9UQ, 9TA, 9TB, 8HE, 9UA, 9ET, 9TD, 9HL, 9QS, 9UL, 9NR, 9UB, 9NE, 9TT, 9TS, 9TR, 9TN, 9RU, 9RX, 9SH, 9TZ, 9NH, 9AQ, 9PA, 9JB, 9TP, 9PH, 9HD, 9QA, 9LY, 9NL, 9JE, 9UH, 8PF, 9NJ, 9PP, 9PQ, 9AN, 9AB, 9PB, 9NZ, 9SD, 9SA, 9YH, 9YQ, 9XZ, 9NQ, 9NG, 9QQ, 9SB, 9JD, 9UJ, 9AJ, 9NU, 9NW, 9NT


NR34 9RS, 9BA, 9DS, 9BZ, 9BL, 9DL, 9QZ, 9QRR, 9BT, 9SJ, 9RL, 9RJ, 9QU, 9QN, 9RB, 9SG, 9SH, 9RR, 9RP, 9DR, 7DE, 9SN, 9RT, 9SL, 9BG, 9EQ, 9AS, 9RW, 9AP, 9DB, 7DQ, 9DT, 9EG, 9DQ, 9DA, 9EB, 9DJ, 9DU, 9DY, 9DG, 9AZ, 9AE, 9AX, 9QH, 9BY, 9RN, 9AR, 7DF, 7EJ


NR34 9EN, 9UP, 9YW, 9XD, 9XE, 9XX, 9XN, 9XL, 9XG, 9YE, 9XY, 9YG, 9LQ, 9LG, 9LH, 9YF, 9HY, 9XA, 9YR, 9UR, 9XT, 9EP, 9UT, 9UX, 9YD, 9HN, 9XW, 9YB, 9UU, 9EH, 9YQ, 9YA, 9EW, 9UY, 9YN, 9XU, 8TP, 9YS, 9UZ, 9HW


NR34 7BE, 9JN, 9JP, 9HT, 7BQ, 7BH, 9JJ, 7BG, 7BB, 7AZ, 7AX, 9HX, 9LD, 7AA, 9HR, 9LS, 7BD, 7AU, 9JY, 9LU, 9LP, 9JF, 9HU, 9LB, 9PU, 9PX, 9PS, 9PT, 9JR, 9LT, 9LR


This should assist any new people moving into the area and also when voting regarding the location of the Polling Stations.