Beccles Fenland Charity Trust



Beccles Town Council acts as the Sole Trustee for Beccles Fenland Charity Trust.  The charity was established in March 2011 to manage lands granted to the town by Queen Elizabeth I in her Charter dated 1584.

The lands that are ‘held on trust’ by the charity are shown on this map and marked out by a red line.  The area of land extends from Goose Green, over the common and across the by-pass all the way up to the river.

The trustee meets as and when required, and trust meetings are usually held directly after the Beccles Town Council meeting.  The trust also has a committee structure in place which mirrors the town council’s structure, details of which can be found here.



Trust Agenda 6 June 2017

Trust Agenda 2 May 2017

Trust Agenda 4 April 2017

Trust Agenda 7 March 2017

Trust Agenda 7 February 2017

Trust Agenda 17 January 2017

Trust Agenda 6 December 2016

Trust Agenda 1 November 2016

Trust Agenda 20 September 2016

Trust Agenda 6 September 2016

Trust Agenda 2 August 2016


DRAFT Trust Minutes 6 June 2017

Trust Minutes 2 May 2017

Trust Minutes 4 April 2017

Trust Minutes 7 March 2017

Trust Minutes 7 February 2017

Trust Minutes 17 January 2017

Trust Minutes 6 December 2016

Trust Minutes 1 November 2016

Trust Minutes 20 September 2016

Trust Minutes 6 September 2016